We call it the KWC Edge. Our intent is to allow you to focus on your business, not the accounting department, thus giving you a competitive edge in your respective field.

The benefits of outsourcing the accounting function include:

  • An outsourced accounting/consulting team with diverse expertise in many financial areas
  • Enterprise level remote/cloud-based technology solutions
  • Reduction in employee costs, including associated benefits such as medical, sick leave, vacation, etc.
  • Increased adherence to company policies including procurement process and expense reimbursement (by involving an outsourced accounting department)

Our process will start with an assessment phase, to evaluate your needs based on your current status as well as your future goals and capabilities. Thus, our action plan will not only focus on the current business at hand but where you expect to be in the short and long term, based upon your business planning. The workflow of our process is detailed below.